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coper slag for shot peening
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coper slag for shot peening

We have considered the size of the grit as a relevant quality within the characteristics, since it depends on the homogeneous texture once the jet is applied to the surface. Very large and angular particles will cut too deep, leaving very marked spots that will probably stand out from the coating favoring oxidation and decreasing the life of the paintings. For this reason we decided to commercialize grit with the necessary percentages of particles to obtain the precise roughness for each application, then we haveGruesa to remove layers of paint, heavy corrosion. Medianaremueve light rust, loose paint and thin steel scales. La Fina is ideal for sweeping, shot blasting in wood, plastic, ceramic, clothing and is recommended to mark surfaces with a logo.
With regard to form, ours is "angular". According to experiences in developed countries, which take us more than two decades of use of copper grit, today suggest to take special care in the size of the angles, as they are directly related to the desired roughness profile and performance. It is this concern that has given us a plus in our customers for contributing to the achievement of perfect finishes and lower coating and painting costs.
The density is the weight of the shot by volume (it is the least relevant feature when shot). As it is denser, the energy with which it is hit against the surface will be greater.
The hardness of our grit allows to leave a profile on the surface, remove only the coating or clean the contamination of the surface without removing the coating, will depend on the size and equipment to use.
Fragility is the feature that clarifies the advantage of using our copper grit versus sand. Fragility is the tendency of the abrasive to fragment into smaller particles as a result of the impact, the more brittle the abrasive, the more dust it will generate and the fewer times it can be reused. The sand is extremely fragile and more than 70% of it is converted to dust, releasing the dangerous silica free and as we mentioned, the human resource exposed to this dust can contract a disease called silicosis. Copper slag fractures into smaller particles that can be reused and on impact with the surface, the emission of dust is considerably lower than that of the sand, allowing an adequate vision to the operator who directs the jet.

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