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steel shot S110
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Bearing shot peening
一 Performance & Technical standard: 
1. Chemical Composition:
Carbon: 0.8 - 1.2% 
Manganese :0.35-1.2% 
Silicon: ﹥0.4% 
Sulphur : ≤0.05% 
Phosphorus: ≤0.05%
2 Hardness: 
The rate is more than 90% as follows:
3 Min Density:
Shot ≥7.2×103kg/m3  Grit≥7.4×103kg/m3
4 Metallurgical Structure: Tempered martensite and small amount of residual austenite and carbide dispersion 
5 Ervin time:
In the same hardness condition: high carbon steel shot fatigue life is about 2800 times
二 The use and application:
1 Blasting cleaning: casting ,die casting, forging , heat treatment, steels ,steel plate , Structural steel 
2 Derusting: casting ,die casting, forging , heat treatment, steels ,steel plate , Structural steel
3 Strenghening: heat treatment ,gears ,shafts, structure steel, ship plate, steels
4 Steel pretreatment :steels ,steel plate ,structure steel ,ship plate ,H style steel.
Application Devices:
Steel shot mainly used for the following equipment including rotary barrel shot blasting machine, chain type shot blasting
 machine,pedrail type shot blasting machine,pass through shot blasting machine,table type shot blasting machine, Pendent
 chain & Pile type Shot Blasting Machine, trolley type shot blasting machine,abrator, abrator equipment,shot peening machine,
shot peening equipment,sandblasting machine,sandblasting equipments,steel material pretreatment production line,steel 
plate pretreatment production line, steel structure pretreatment production line
三 Size: ISO standard (SAEJ-444 Standard)
steel Shot size : S400(S1320)、S300(S1110)、S280(S930)、S240(S780)、S200(S660)、S170(S550)、S140(S460)、S120(S390)、S100(S330)、S080(S280)、S070(S230)、S060(S170)、S040(S110)、S030(S70)

Bearing shot peening

Bearing shot peening is a cold working process in which small spherical media called shot bombard the surface of a part. During the bearing shot peening process, each piece of shot that strikes the material acts as a tiny peening hammer, imparting to the surface a small indentation or dimple. To create the dimple, the surface of the material must yield in tension. Below the surface, the material tries to restore its original shape, thereby producing below the dimple, a hemisphere of cold-worked material highly stressed in compression.

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