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Low carbon steel shot usage
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Low carbon steel shot usage,Used for industrial foundary,forging plant,heat treatment shop,steel constractionplant,
Low carbon steel shot usage:

Low carbon steel shots are produced using selected high-grade, low residual low-carbon scrap.
Low carbon and high manganese steel shots are resistant to impact. The impacts are transferred 
homogenously throughout the steel shot.
Sand-removing and rust-cleaning of alloy casting, steel plates, steel pipes,steel structures, containers,ship;reparation of 
steel substrates before application of paints and related products,surface treatment before plating,
cutting rocks,gridding processing,enhancing adhesiveness, intensify of springs,especially used in 
shot blasting machine and penning machine
.Used for industrial foundary,forging plant,heat treatment shop,steel constractionplant,container 
manufature,ship builder,auto and locomotive manufacture.

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