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Steel shot size and Applications case
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Steel shot size and Applications case ,Steel shot mainly used for the following equipment
Metal abrasvies Steel shot size and Applications case 
Steel shot mainly used for the following equipment including rotary barrel shot blasting machine, chain type shot blasting machine,pedrail type shot blasting machine,pass through shot blasting machine,table type shot blasting machine
SG-2.5  SG-2.0 Sand and rust removing of large-sized iron, cast steel, steel structures, large-sizes forging and surface treatment of oxidized workpiece.
SG-1.7  SG-1.4  Sand removing of large and medium sized castings, deoxidization of forgings, heat-treated pieces, steel plates, steel pipes,sections and steel structures, surface treatment before plating.
SS-1.2  SS-1.0 Sand -removing of small and medium sized castings, rust-removing and steel structures, surface treatment before plating, cutting of rocks.
SS-0.8  SS-0.6 Sand-removing and deoxidization of small-sized castings, forgings, heat-treated pieces, aluminum-copper alloy castings, steel plates, steel plates, steel pipes, sections and steel structures, surface intensification of springs and chains, cutting of rocks, grinding processing.
SS-0.5  SS-0.3 Sand-removing and rust-cleaning of alloy castings, thin plates, strip steel, and small-sized stainless steel castings, intensification of springs, surface treatment before plating ,improving roughness, enhancing adhesiveness.

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