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High chrome alloy steel shot grit , Strengthen
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High chrome alloy steel shot grit , Strengthen
High chrome alloy steel shot grit , Strengthen Most of the metal parts which be used under alternating load with the action of cyclic stress need to rely on shot peening technology to improve the fatigue life of components. As we all know, a compressive stress in the area, it is difficult to crack formation or extension. Since almost all the fatigue and stress corrosion failures have occurred in parts of the surface or near surface, thus introducing compressive stress can significantly extend component fatigue life by shot peening. Strengthening compressive residual stress intensity must reach the half of the tensile strength of the parts materials . For the Gear usually do shot peening after the heat treatment, for some key parts, such as the ring gear and planetary gears, etc., to strengthen is the final steps, using the shot peening process to improve the life of the drive components. Shot peening technology can effectively improve the use life of the gear, the process uses steel shot peening the bending parts of gear tooth root , resulting in compressive stresses on the surface. Destruction of tensile stress within the workpiece and improve gear tooth root bending fatigue performance ,increasing its service life. Also strengthen is also means the high-speed blasting, unlike other ordinary steel Shot requirements, such as surface treatment, such as casting, compare to the normal peening ,the hardness of blasting shot should be higher 10 (HRC), so the gear surface with the high hardness, remove surface stress, improve gear tooth root bending fatigue performance, with increased metal corrosion, metal fatigue life and the role of plasticity. Application: peening / blasting strengthening treatment mainly for coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars, gears, transmission components, bearings, camshaft, crankshaft, connecting rods and other key parts.

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