Dalian Nuo Qi International, as part of Longyuan Group,produces the Metal abrasives including cast steel shot, steel grit, steel cut wire shot,staliness steel shot,chilled iron grit,low chrome alloy steel shot/grit for shot peening ,shot blasting in the metal surface treatment from 2000.we can according to the customers' needs to supply diffirent kinds of steel shot  and grit .at the same time ,the blasting machine or peening machine will need the diffirent size steel shot and grit for the casting parts or other workpiece .

we can provide the detail date for shot peening /blasting for your workpiece . Ervin fatigue test be finished after seiveing for Every size steel shot /grit  ,keep normal size in stock 2000tons per month to ensure the supply in time,control the quality and cut down cost for client.Choose NuoQi shot , One stop service.

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PROCEDIMIENTO DE GRANALLADO Los siguientes procedimientos deberán ser utilizados como modelo para lograr un granallado controlado. un granallado realizado con éxito solamente podrá lograrse de manera consistente si la maquina de granallado y el proceso muestran consistencia y se realiza conforme a las practicas establecidas. Proce...[more]
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